Time for Counselling


How much time do we offer to ourselves to understand who we are and how we are doing? How are we coping with life changes like losing someone dear to us, facing a new future after a break-up or a life-changing diagnosis? Do we understand what is going on for us and the world that surrounds us? Our own experiences, thoughts, emotions and behaviours, what do they mean to us?.

Counselling is about offering yourself the opportunity to explore all those questions within a safe, secure and confidential environment provided by a trained counsellor. A regular space and time just for you where you can talk about your concerns, explore your experiences, understand your feelings and find your true self.

As a professional counsellor, my role is to help you to make sense of what you are bringing into the counselling sessions and hold whatever feelings, thoughts and needs you might experience through this process. I work in a non-directive manner, that means that it is you who decides what you want to talk about and when you are ready to explore your difficulties in-depth. Together, we can unpack and reflect on what is going on for you, empower you to make decisions and choices that work for you and enable you to make changes to improve your circumstances and foment personal growth.

It is time for you.